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Pure Drive's 3-Step Process

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Step 1 - Get Assessed

Receive a comprehensive evaluation to get a clear picture of what’s going on with your body.

Physical therapist performing an evaluation on a patient

Step 2 - Develop a Plan

Get rid of any pain, improve mobility, get stronger, and most importantly fix the root cause of any problems.​

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Step 3 - Long Term Solution

Continue to work with us to fulfill your potential, play your best, and build resiliency on and off the course.​

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I hurt my hip last year and was told by a doctor that I may require surgery.  After trying Ibuprofen for weeks, I started working with Joe.  Following a few months of physical therapy, I was pain free and back to my workouts!  Ten months later and I still haven't had any issues.  If you are looking for a great PT, I would say go see Joe immediately instead of living in pain and making things worse!



Throughout each session, he talked and listened while evaluating my progression. For anyone who has experienced a devastating, or even minor injury, I highly recommend Joe to help get you back to your highest level possible.



Joe was very knowledgeable and thorough.  He displayed a great balance of patience while motivating me to work to improve. Seeing Joe was an essential part of the my return to the full use of my shoulder. In short, I highly recommend Joe for any physical therapy needs.



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