Adult Golf Fitness Maine

Adult Golf Fitness Maine

Achieve Peak Performance On & Off The Course - From Anywhere In The World!

Our Online Golf Performance System

  • Systematic and customized approach to help you achieve peak performance from wherever you may be in the world
  • Utilize findings from the evaluation and your goals to drive the development of your individualized golf performance plan
  • We employ up-to-date research and data to ensure you get results on and off the course
  • With our strategy and accountability system to achieve peak performance, there’s only one simple thing needed to guarantee results – YOUR EXECUTION!

I'm Ready To Play The Best Golf Of My Life

After suffering with shoulder pain & lack of mobility for several months, I asked Joe for help.  Before reaching out, I tried exercise, pain tablets, and heat/freeze gels, which were not controlling the pain. He gave clear and concise instruction on exercises, with regular check-ins & updates. I'm now pain free and have full mobility.  Also, I'm playing the best golf ever due to feeling confident in my body. Nothing was too much trouble for Joe especially as I live in the UK and Joe is in the States, and he was moving cross country, and getting married! As a result, I highly recommend Joe to anyone who has an injury or wants to improve their golf game!

A. F.


How Our Plan Works

  • Our evaluation, which is a combination of self-tests and a 1-on-1 assessment via video call of your mobility, strength, power, and speed
  • We discuss your evaluation results along with your overall golf and other health/fitness goals to help create your optimal performance plan
  • You have 24/7 access to your coach between your chosen frequency of video calls
  • Video calls with your coach to review your wins, challenges, and accountability with your action items from your previous call
  • You’re encouraged to send video feedback of your exercises to your coach to ensure proper form and execution
  • Your program, messaging, and workout log are all within our app to help us analyze data and measure compliance, which helps turn simple actions into long-term success
  • Reassessment every 8-10 weeks to review your progress and update your program

I'm Ready To Make A Change In My Golf Game & Life

I find being active a huge part of my lifestyle, so returning to 100% to continue to play sports was very important to me. Joe was great because he immediately recognized my athletic experience which helped him tailor the sessions and exercises to my athletic level. I was immediately comfortable and confident working out with him.

P. B.


What Our Online Programs Include

  • Customized golf specific workouts based on equipment availability, schedule, ability, and goals
  • Either monthly, bi-weekly, or weekly video calls with your coach based on program selection
  • Unlimited access to your coach for questions or feedback regarding anything in the process
  • Unlimited program changes for travel, vacation, or even when life happens
  • Recovery, mindset, and nutrition coaching based on your program selection

I'm Ready To Achieve Peak Performance

Been working on the stretches for the past week or two and shot an 86, which is pretty good for me.  I'm already playing better and with less pain already!

S. B.


What Are Typical Results With Online Training?

  • We usually see the average golfer gain about 10-15 yards in the first 8-12 weeks
  • Most mobility deficits are resolved in about 8 weeks
  • Aches & pains are usually gone within 4-8 weeks
  • We get the same results as if we were working together in-person

Do I Need Someone To Film Me?

  • Absolutely not! We can show you how to set up your device for the video assessment
  • We can also coach you how to film yourself for any exercise feedback videos.
  • It’s much easier than you think!

How Do You Make Sure I Don't Get Injured?

  • Joe is a board certified clinical specialist in orthopedic physical therapy and has been practicing for 7 years and has studied movement for even longer.  He makes sure that you have correct form with every drill.
  • We don’t progress you until you meet certain standards
  • If you do experience any ache or pain, Joe is a licensed doctor of physical therapy who can take a look at any issue and makes sure you get back to normal faster than anyone around

How Much Does It Cost?

  • Price varies based on your commitment.  Typically, most golfers either commit to our 3 month program or our 12 month program.
  • If you’d like to talk more about price, that is why we have our our free initial strategy call
  • By getting to know you and your goals, we’re able to make sure that we would be a good fit for each other and that you get exactly what you need
  • Our promise & guarantee is that every golfer will see results

Just wanted to let you know that after doing your exercises and listening to your sage advice, I played the best 9 holes I have ever played.

S. R.


I'm Ready To Be My Best On & Off The Golf Course

Adult Golf Fitness Maine