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Get the most out of your body so you can achieve peak performance on & off the golf course

You Don't Want To Be The Shortest Hitter In The Group...

Big Drives Only - Your Off-Season Golf Performance Program Beginner's Edition
A Plan By Pure Drive Physio & Performance

12 Week Plan

A laid out plan that progresses over 3 months specifically to improve your golf game


Strength training to help you hit the ball further and reduce your risk of injury


Drills that improve mobility in the areas that matter most in the golf swing


Power drills in every phase to improve your speed so you can hit bombs off the tee

Life Is Too Short To Lay Up... Take Control Of Your Golf Game Now!

"2 weeks in and I can feel a difference in my pelvic control and hip mobility. I’m looking forward to retesting my swing speed and I’m confident I’ll make some gains in mph."
Client - 10 HCP

Workouts Designed To Unlock Your Potential

All Delivered Through State Of The Art App

"I've already felt progress on my shoulder pain and mobility through the past couple weeks of working with you."
Professional Golfer, Client - 1 HCP

This Is For Golfers Who:

Senior Golfers Chipping Onto Green
"I am now pain free and have full mobility in my shoulder also am now playing the best golf I ever have due to feeling confident in my body. Nothing has been to much trouble for Joe, especially as I live in the UK and Joe himself lives in the States."
Amateur Golfer, Client - 18 HCP

Frequently Asked Questions

This version of the Big Drives Only program is specifically for those with beginner fitness levels, minimal fitness experience, or who have fallen out of shape.

The program is 12 weeks long.  Pure Drive Physio & Performance understands that our golfers are busy, so we keep the weekly time commitment to about 5 hours.

There are 5 total workouts in the week.  3 full-body strength workouts and 1 full-body mobility workout (scheduled twice).  You could perform the mobility workout once a week if needed.

The workouts were designed for those with various time commitments, so each on average takes about 30-60 minutes.

You don’t need all of this equipment, but if you have access to it, that would be great, but if not, no worries!

Dumbbells/Kettlebells – Anywhere between 20-50 lbs should suffice.

Resistance Bands – These can be used if you don’t have dumbbells/kettlebells.  They will also replace any drills used with a cable column.  They can also be used to recreate the medicine ball drills.

Medicine Ball – I would recommend the bigger, softer balls made for slamming.  Usually anywhere between 4-8 lbs is a good weight.

Golf Clubs – These will be used to assist you in some drills.  They can also take the place of a foam roller in some drills as well.

Foam Roller – Can be of any size and can be easily replaced with some rolled up towels or a pool noodle.

I would recommend that you get clearance from your physician first, but after clearance you can start conservatively and still make excellent progress.

Absolutely not!  You can make progress at any age.  I’ve used these techniques and program with many people over the age of 60.

No, you will not have permanent access to the app.  You will have 16 weeks of access to the program and the app after you purchase.  If you would like to push your start date back, you can email me at joe@puredrivephysio.com

You will also receive a spreadsheet of the workouts with links to the videos as your permanent copy.

If you feel this would be better suited to your needs, you can setup a call at this link with Joe to discuss if you would be a good fit for 1-on-1 coaching

What Other Golfers Are Saying...

"Just wanted to let you know after doing some of the exercises and listening to your advice, I played the best 9 holes I have every played!"
Amateur Golfer, Client
"Been working in a bunch of these stretches for last week or two and shot an 86 this weekend, which is pretty darn good for me. Joe has great info as I'm playing better and with less pain already!"
Amateur Golfer
"I am anxious to implement his recommendations this winter. If you're looking for increased flexibility, increased club head speed or just want to hit the ball further, I highly recommend Dr. Joe."
Amateur Golfer, Client

Don't Delay Any Longer, Your Best Golf Is Waiting

"It's been great working to develop a personalized program to help reach golf and fitness goals. Having a virtual option at this time is an added bonus. I can’t wait to see the results on the course this spring and continue to work with Joe leading into the season.
Amateur Golfer, Client - 8 HCP

Have Questions?? Send an email to Pure Drive Physio & Performance to get a response within 24 hours